Let’s be honest, most of our prayers are very centered around our needs and wants.  How about you reverse that today and pray for a church planter that puts it all on the line for the sake of Christ.  They are not in it for fame.  The are in it for the fame of HIS name!!!
Here are 7 practical ways to pray for church planters that are in tough places.  Find a quiet place, pull down that prayer card off the fridge, and get on your knees for them.
  1. Pray for our workers’ relationships with God, their families, those they serve, and with the government community leaders.
  2. Pray for God’s help in COMMUNICATION and learning the local language.
  3. pray for absolute RELIANCE ON THE LORD, and that He would give them perseverance.
  4. Pray for many OPPORTUNITIES TO SHARE THE GOSPEL, that people’s hearts would be open.
  5. Pray for SAFETY & GOOD HEALTH.
  6. Pray for TRANSLATION of God’s Word
  7. Pray for LONG-TERM ACCESS to unreached people groups.