Since the world is changing so fast there is a continuing need to think outside the box. About ten years ago the buzz words in the circles that I happened to be in were business as mission (BAM) or tent-making. These concepts were well received, but rarely implemented.

Most entrepreneurs and small corporations that wanted to use these foundational methods went over to capitol cities with big economies. It made sense that to have a sustainable business you needed to have a market to make that happen.

While this sounds like great thinking it puts the business at the center of what you do and not God’s command.

If God’s command is to “reach all nations” what happens to the nations and ethnic groups that don’t live in big cities with big economies. Shouldn’t we first be saying, “Let’s reach out to this people group.” and then ask the follow up question, “What business makes sense to them and their local economy that will allow me to live among them.”

There is not a lot of forward thinking, outside of the box entrepreneurs that are systematically processing along these lines. They are rare and we are looking for them.

See what it takes by joining us to see field workers first hand who are people group focused and business platform second.