One of our goals is to help business professionals and entrepreneurs understand a people group focused approach to business as mission initiatives. We meticulously research which group needs to be reached, study language & culture, and then start developing a business plan that makes sense to the group we are trying to engage.

The church plant team in partnership with business mentors have established profitable and sustainable businesses within Asia that span the areas of export / import products, tourism, agriculture, and much more.  The business is the tool to build relationships within communities and gives our field workers a reason to be there.

If you are interested in missions and have a business mind that enjoys emerging sectors, SWOT analysis, and market research then you may be able to come alongside a church plant team to help them stay in closed contexts for the long haul.

Read more HERE to understand the “why” behind a people group focused business.

Contact us for more details about upcoming business exposure trips for people on a tight schedule.