One of the privileges I have working with Exchange Your World is visiting some very remote areas where our partner organization has field workers that are living among unreached people groups.  I have observed their lives as they endeavored to communicate in a language not their own.  I have witnessed the ups and downs of running a business in order to have a legitimate reason for their presence in the eyes of the government.  I have seen families sacrificing comfort in order to live closer to the people group they are building relationships with.  Their lives are marked by perseverance, faithfulness, and struggle in the midst of an almost humanly impossible task to bring the Gospel to these areas.  They are the modern day Adoniram Judsons and Isobel Kuhns.  As I remember the ways God has worked in their lives I became in awe of His great work, but I didn’t want to keep these stories to myself.  They need to be told to challenge people to continue to go, encourage churches to send, and ultimately for God’s name to be glorified among all nations.  However, how do you tell a story about God’s work; but your subject cannot have a face and or name?  How do you use technology to build awareness among a new generation of believers about unreached people groups in closed areas?  How can the field workers be an encouragement to their sending churches when they can’t openly communicate?  These are the questions that I have been wrestling with after each trip.  It was obvious that God was pointing at this need of figuring out a creative yet safe way to tell His story in their lives.  All I could do was to pray, think, and wait for God’s timing.
As I returned from my last trip to Asia I found out that a field worker I visited had a partnering church near where I lived.  I was introduced to the pastor and arranged a meeting to show some pictures of an unreached area that this field worker was considering to move too.  Towards the end of our conversation, I was asked, “What are other ways we could work together?” Without much thought, I said, “I have this idea of putting together a short-term team of digital media professionals.  The goal would be to put together videos and pictures to help us share what God is doing in some of these closed areas.”  To my astonishment, he replied, “We could do that.”, and proceeded to point out a camera.  It was still in its box and was purchased for similar purposes within his church.  This was how GOD started to make this idea a reality.  
In a short period of time, I had meetings with interested parties and eventually had a team formed of five professionals in the digital arts (four videographers and one graphic designer).  We are now meeting once a month to pray and to talk through the obstacles of the work ahead.  It is new for them, but they are excited to overcome the challenges and we are excited to see God using people with specific skills for His specific purposes.  It is thrilling to witness that where we were lacking expertise God is filling in the gaps through people that are willing to serve.  That is the work of the body of Christ here on earth.