Many things inspire us to new heights and encourage us in our service to the kingdom.  In today’s content driven market, bringing missions to the forefront of our minds helps us stay focused on what God has called His Church to do, which is to reach the unreached and unengaged with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
If your missions passion is running low or you’re simply lacking inspiration use these quotes, verses, and sayings to fill up your tank.
  1. Quotes from those that have gone before. (#tbt #missionsquotes)
  1. Verses from the Word (#verseoftheday)


  1. Quotes from Pastors that are leading the way.
  1. Prayers that CAN move mountains (#prayforthenations)
Feeling inspired or want to create your own favorite saying?  Use these tips to start your own missions inspiration off on the right foot and share with us on Facebook what you come up with.
Here are some FREE resources we use to create our missions driven content.
  • Download free photos from UNSPLASH to build a library of vibrant photos to draw from.  Don’t forget to credit the photographer when you can.
  • You don’t need Adobe Photoshop to add text.  Try using an online program called CANVA.  It’s simple and it’s free.
  • Don’t have time?  Just follow us on INSTAGRAM for the latest creativity and images from the field.
Remember that missions inspiration helps to just fuel a passion for the Gospel.  Ultimately, it is God that gives you the staying power through the Holy Spirit to go long term to see a church planted in an unreached people group.