Quality training is valued in any profession.  If you are an environmental engineer you use the principles of soil science, biology, and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems.  If you are a pastor you need the skill set to interpret the scriptures and have an extensive knowledge of Greek & Hebrew.  Why should we not hold the same standard if someone wants to be a missionary?


One of the unique things about our training is that it can be done right through the local church.  We promote the use of the Access Truth Curriculum as a great tool for preparation for cross-cultural ministry.  It provides a range of practical resources to equip and educate in all the multi-faceted tasks that church planting can involve.  And the beauty of being available online, means that you can take any course about any subject, anytime.
In partnership with your local church and Exchange mentors we cover a comprehensive course covering many of the following topics.
  • Narrative Approach to Scriptures
  • Communication & Culture
  • Language & Linguistics
  • Culture & Language Acquisition
  • Bible Translation
  • Access Fundamentals
  • Resourcing the Local Church
International church planters with field expertise present each tutorial followed by discussion based response papers.  This training is not only accepted by our partner organization, but also by other international agencies and church planting teams.
If your desire is to train for overseas service or if you are a church leader and want to implement genuine partnership to train future church planters than please get in touch with our staff.



Alternate Residential Option

If you or your church prefer a residential program for missionary training we highly recommend Radius International located in Mexico.  Their courses are founded on similar principles and is taught by experienced church planters.  This venue is an excellent place to prepare for overseas mission, specifically for those wanting to plant churches among unreached people groups.